You can become a VIP Buyer and Beat Other Buyers to Hot New Listings

You Can Receive INSTANT  Notification of ALL New Listings that MATCH Your Home-Buying Criteria Without Being Pressured by Real Estate Agents, set up personally for You FREE!


Here's how it works...


  1. Simply tell us what you are looking for in a home, including price range and location.
  2. We enter your criteria into our unique customized computer VIP Buyer Program and set you up your Personal Interactive Home Search Website.
  3. Our computers will be CONSTANTLY search and cross match your criteria with ALL available homes.
  4. You will receive INSTANT email notification of a new home or change of price  on your Personal Interactive Home Search Website.
  5. When you find a home you want to view, simply call us.


Here’s the Great Advantages for you!


1. You hear about ALL new homes BEFORE other buyers do.

It goes without saying that if you could find and make an offer on your dream home long before other buyers even know that it is on the market, you would have a pretty good chance of not only getting it, but for the price you want.


2. Because you are there FIRST before most other buyers, we are able to negotiate the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE for you.
With our system, you also get access to the lowest interest rates and lowest down payment home loans to make it much easier for you to buy the home you want.


 3. YOU WON’T WASTE YOUR TIME looking at homes that DON’T interest you.
(You pick out the homes you want to see not us.) This is just another reason why buyers love my system. Because you receive all the homes details and pictures, you are able to pick the homes that interest you, and drive by to see if you want to take the next step of actually viewing them. In other words, we won’t waste your time looking at homes that don’t interest you.

4. You are NOT PRESSURED by real estate agents.
(It’s up to you to call us when you find a home you want to view)


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